When to start playing poker on real money?

Every new poker player finds himself in a dilemma: when should he start to play poker online for real money? Some beginners start their poker training on real money while others prefer to start with playing chips. The safest way to begin you poker adventure is to play with virtual money. This way you don’t risk losing your money before you even learn how to play poker.

Most shark poker players started with play money accounts. All major poker rooms allow players to enjoy poker on both ways: play money and real money. Using free play money you can experience the real poker, played with real opponents but with no risk at all. This will give you a psychological comfort that will allow you to concentrate on your game, so you will learn faster.

After few weeks or even months of play money poker you might feel ready to take your game to the next level. You should do that, but you should do it wisely. All poker rooms offer first deposit bonuses and some also offer rakeback for all players.

Your first deposit will probably be small, so the first deposit bonus will also be small. To take full advantage of all opportunities you should look for a poker room that also gives rakeback to its players. You can find poker rooms that offer up to 40% rakeback. If you want to be a regular poker player, the rakeback will ensure you a bankroll boost every month.

Playing on real money doesn’t mean you must risk your bankroll every time you play. All poker rooms hold freerolls that you should not miss. You can practice your game and if you’re good you can win substantial real money prizes.

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