Every day the online gaming industry involves millions of people all over the world. Being profitable business it attracts both websites aimed to provide online users with this kind of entertainments and players who take a chance to win. The most part of players are residents from the USA and Canada. That’s why casinos accepting us players are highly demanded. Up to this time online gambling has covered many European and Latin American countries. In addition to the mentioned ones above the following countries should be listed as well: Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, British territory, particularly, Isle of Man in Gibraltar. The last one has begun to produce a license for online totalizer websites accepting US players as well.

Since 2001 and next years, online gambling services interested in having ability to accept us players have been put to the persecution by the legislative authorities. During this period two laws against online gambling services that accept US players have issued. One of them bans establishing online casinos accepting USA players; the other law forbids the US credit card operators to make money transfers to accounts in online casinos. Since 2007 the US payment system (E-gold etc.) ceased to transfer money to Internet casino accounts. As a result of the growing power of lobbyists against online gambling the US Congress effectively insisted on banning by Google and Yahoo ads on online casino for US players.

While the United States is seeking opportunities to put an end to online games the Great Britain is doing everything to make them legalized and profitable business. There’s less opposition to Internet casinos in England, and some movements are made to legalize online gambling in the United Kingdom. As early as 2,001 the Government of British Channel Islands issued a law that legalized online gaming for money. Later in the same year it was offered to legalize all types of gambling business with using of the Internet in the UK.

As for the future of gambling online, it seems to be prospective and profitable area that favours the greater growth of economics and technological development. Software developers such as the Microgaming and Cryptologic continue to lead the way in the industry of online gaming. More and more companies developing online casino software appears. Their annual turnover in the industry sometimes is equal a billion dollars. It should be admitted, that there are different attitudes to gambling online in countries. However, it’s evident that till the operators and players feel their responsibility and follow ethical principles of fair game the industry will continue developing.

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